How Can We Break This Cycle?


Bullying is defined as a form of aggression which is intentional, repeated, and involves a power differential between the victim and the victimizer.  Bullying manifests in many forms including; physical, verbal, social, or relational. The newest form of bullying is cyberbullying, and it is especially problematic because of the far-reaching capabilities of cell phone usage, the Internet, and all forms of social media. 

All forms of bullying have an inherent probability of causing pain, stress, anxiety, and anguish to the victim, which can sometimes result in the victim feeling so hopeless and helpless that they may be at much higher risk for self-harm.  Bullying is a deeply entrenched and ubiquitous problem within school systems. Focused attention needs to be paid on immediate and pro-social interventions so that both the victims and the victimizers can learn how to move beyond the bullying cycle.